Bitrise Verified Steps

Are you looking for a simple way to automate your development cycle? If so, probably is the solution you need. is a Mobile Continuous Integration and Delivery system built and optimized specifically for mobile DevOps, with hundreds of integrations for your favourite services, one of them, of course, is Applivery! helps thousands of mobile development companies automating the whole development cycle by detecting your commit/push to your repository and launching builds with specific workflows you can fully customize as lego pieces – AKA “Steps” – to build, sign, modify and even deploy your builds automatically.

Bitrise recently announced their Verified Steps Program. A Verified Step means that the service’s or tool’s owner guarantees secure, maintained, consistent, and high-quality performance for any Bitrise user.

Applivery Verified Steps for iOS and Android are super-easy to connect and will give you the following awesome features:

  1. Automatically deploy new versions of your app to your Applivery account
  2. Support for all type of builds (.ipa, .apk and .aab)
  3. Contextual information and links to your build and repository – such as the branch, commit or tag – for faster builds identification and enabling segmented deployment workflows
  4. Your Applivery and Bitrise projects will be connected and you will have a direct link back to the Bitrise App and each build directly from Applivery.

What are you waiting for? Start saving time, money and solving developer frustration by connecting your Bitrise and Applivery projects now. Click here for a detailed walkthrough on how it works.