How Everli uses Applivery
Online shopping in your favorite supermarkets.

Everli (formerly Supermercato24) is Europe’s largest e-Grocery marketplace, allowing customers to choose their favourite nearby supermarket among a wide range of retailers, products and offers. Then, a personal shopper tracks down products in-store and delivers them in the requested time slot, having the chance to interact with customers to propose a replacement in case of missing products.

IT & Logistic
160 employees
Italy & Poland
Native Apps for iOS & Android written in Swift, Kotlin & Java

About Daniele Benzi

I’m Daniele Benzi, Product Manager in charge of the shopper app here in Everli (formerly Supermercato24) since December 2018.

My school background is computer science. Back in 2008, I started working as a developer. 4 years after being a developer, I became a Web Designer (I think this role is not alive anymore 🙂), then a Project Manager.

I joined the product management army 3 years ago and I became what I’m today: a happy and passionate product manager.

How do you use Applivery today?

We’re using Applivery for sharing the Everli’s Shopper app and track errors, if any.

We create different clusters inside Applivery to helps us spread the app all over Italy and Poland and to have control during the released process on the shopper’s base.

We’re using Applivery combined with Bitrise as CI service.

Is there anything you do today that is more efficient, or couldn't have been done or was really difficult before we came?

Having the possibility to track app issues is very important for us. Being sure that all shoppers can work smoothly is crucial for me and my team. It’s also important to underline the fact that having user clusters decrease risks during app releases.

We release new features cluster by cluster in order to avoid new bugs/crashes on the whole shopper base. Applivery is helping us a lot on this.

Why did Everli choose us?

High SLA quality

High availability is a critical in logistics services. Applivery’s service availability over 99.99% in 2020 has been key in the success of the logistics and operations..

Customer service

The customer service is excellent and with really incredible response times even during COVID-19. 

Segmented deployments

The possibility of creating segmented and 100% automated deployments for each of the geographical areas in which we operate has made our day to day much easier, allowing a more agile operational management.

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