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Custom domain names

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Note: These features are only available for Busines & Enterprise plans. Read more.

Applivery allows you to set your own domain names to be used in your Distirbution Sites.

Before configuring your domain name you should point it's DNS records to our servers.

Step 1 - Pointing your Domain to Applivery

Go to you DNS provider and select the domain you want to point to Applivery. Create the following DNS records according to the domain you want to use:

  • For subdomains (, create a new CNAME record pointing to
  • For first level domains (, create a new A record pointing to

Step 2 - Configuring your Domain Name

Go to Dashboard and click My Account from the dropdown top-right menu. Then select " Organization" tab.

Under "Custom domain names" section type your domain or subdomain. Please exclude http:// or https:// prefixes.

Then click Save and Validate button to check your DNS configuration and save your new domain. We'llmake sure your domain is well configured and then add it to your account.

Step 3 - Using your Domain Name

Now your domain has been added to your account, you can start using it in your Distribution Sites.

Click one of your Distribution Sites and jump to the " Configuration" tab. Under the "Basic Info" section, select the "Site URL" dropdown menu and choose the Domain Name you want to use in this Distribution Site.

Then click Create button to finish.

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