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Distribution groups

Applivery provides a very easy way to manage multiple conditions while managing accesses to Distribution Sites under your App Store.

As you probably already know, App Distribution allows you to secure the access in 3 different ways – described here. One of them is the Private option, that enables authentication and login before accessing the App either with Applivery login or Custom Single Sign On.

When choosing that option, you will able able to also define which groups of users will be able to access after a successful login.

You can add as many groups as you want by using AND and OR clauses:

  • Groups within the same line will be considered as AND operators
  • Each new line (set of groups) will be treated as an OR regarding the previous ones.

In example, let’s suppose that you want to enable access to a given App to the users belonging to both groupOne and group groupTwo or to groupThree, then you will have to configure it this way:

  • groupOne, groupTwo
  • groupThree