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Manage your Organization

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Note: These features are only available for Busines & Enterprise plans. Read more.

Applivery allows you to invite people to your Organization. This feature will help you to:

  • Grant Admin permissions over your account so Admins will be able to manage all your Apps & Teams taking advantage of all the features of your account
  • Enable your dashboard customizations (header color, domains, logo, etc) to all users in your organization.

You can invite people to your Organization as Admins or Employees:

  • Admins will inherit all you account privilegies except Delete Apps. They will be able to create Apps on your behalf and invite others to your Organization.
  • Employees will only inherit your dashboard customizations (look & feel). You'll need to grant specific access to these users into your Apps. Read more.

If you invite people that don't have an Applivery account yet, we'll send an invitation and they will automatically join your team when creating an account.

Step 1

Go to Dashboard and click People & Teams from the left side menu. Then select "People in my Organization" tab.

Step 2

Click Add Members button.

Then type the email address of the user and select the role you want to grant. Then click invite button to finish and send out the invitation.

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