API Documentation



Applivery Public API will help you to interact with Applivery from 3rd Applications or systems, for example, uploading builds or retrieving information about your apps or users.

For starters we recommend a walk through the main concepts to keep in mind.

Main concepts

Now we are going to explain how to interact with Applivery API, starting from authentication and discovering all the things you’ll be able to do.
Applivery provides a simple but powerful JSON REST API.

To interact with the API you’ll need to take in mind the next things:

API base domain: The base domain for all requests is https://dashboard.applivery.com

Authentication: Most of the Applivery API endpoints are protected. That means that you’ll need to be authenticated in order to access them. To solve this, each Applivery member has its own Account API Key that will travel on the request Headers. To get you API Key you can access your account, go to Developers Area or perform a Auth request.

Headers: Applivery requires mainly two HTTP Headers:
Content-Type: application/json
Authorization: < Account_API_Key >