As part of the platform we provide two different API’s for different purposes:


Designed to interact with Applivery Platform from your systems at the level of your Apps (projects). It provides a small set of methods that will allow you to get information related to your Apps but also management of builds and App Store settings. Documentation and endpoints of this API are listed below in the coming sections.

Go to Apps API Reference


Designed to provide full management to your Workspace, including Apps, Publications, Users, Devices, Policies and any asset related to your workspace. Workspace API docs are managed separately from this website and are fully available here.

Note that Workspace API is only available under Business and Enterprise plans. Take a look to the pricing page to read more.

Go to Workspace API Reference

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Remove a Build

This request is intended to permanently remove a Build


Get Build details

This request is intended to get the details of given Build


Get list of Builds of an App

This request is intended to get the list of available Builds of a given App


Upload a Build

Upload Build request endpoint is intended to upload a new Build (.ipa or .apk or .aab binary files) to Applivery.


Postman sample collection

Import the Applivery API into your POSTMAN account in just one click and start navigating our API’s instantly


Service Accounts

Get familiar with the Applivery Organizations API and learn how to configure Service Accounts to grant access to the different API methods and resources


Apps API Authentication

Get familiar with the Applivery Apps API and learn how to get your App Token.



Get familiar with the Applivery API and learn the main concepts and features