Get familiar with the Applivery and explore the features

Welcome to the Applivery API Documentation Center. As part of the platform we provide two different API’s for different purposes:

  • Apps API: will help you to interact with Applivery Platform from your systems at the level of your Apps (projects). It provides a small set of methods that will allow you to get information related to your Apps but also management of builds and App Store settings. Documentation and endpoints of this API are listed below in the coming sections.
  • Organizations API: will provide full management access to your Organization, including Apps, Users (both Collaborators and Employees) and any asset related to your organization. Organizations API docs are managed separately from this website and are fully available here.
Note that Apps API is only available under certain subscriptions and plans and Organizations API is only available under Business and Enterprise plans. Take a look to the pricing page to read more.

Apps API Docs