Custom domains

Customizing your Distribution Site URL with your own Domain or Subdomain

Custom domains

If you are using Applivery Enterprise or Enterprise Plus, now you can configure your own domain name or subdomain and use it in your Distribution Sites. i.e.:

Thanks to that, now you can provide a fully white label experience to your customers.

DNS Configuration

Before configure your custom domains in Applivery you’ll need to perform some configurations in your DNS.

Primary domain names:
Point A record to

Point CNAME record to

Take in mind that depending on your provider, DNS changes could take more than 24h for the propagation across the internet

Configure your Custom Domain in Applivery

Step 1:
Go to “My account” (1) and click “Organization” tab (2).
Custom Domain Step 1

Step 2:
At the bottom of the page you’ll find “Custom domain names” section where you can enter a primary domain name (ie.: or subdomain (ei.:
Click Save Button

Step 3:
Once done, the custom domain will be available so yo can go to any existing Distribution Site, click on it, go to “Configuration” tab and choose the new domain name from the dropdown menu.
Custom Domain Step 3

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