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Unable to download application

If when attempting to install an App from Applivery you are prompted with the following message:

Unable to Download App at this time
Done or Retry

Then, most probably, any of the following cases is happening:

  • Progress bar did not move:
    It is most likely to be related to a network issue. Make sure you have a stable internet connection and try downloading it again.
  • Status changed to “Installing” or App icon became dark grey and non-clickable:
    You might have an issue with your certificates or provisioning profile. One of the following issues might be happening:

      • Missing device ID: You are using Ad-hoc distribution certificate and the device is not part of the provisioning profile. You can check your Build details in Applivery and look for the Device ID. Note that once you add the new UDID into your Provisioning Profile, you will have to download it again from Apple Developers Portal, sing the App and upload a new version to Applivery.
      • Expired Provisioning Profile
      • Expired Signing Certificate (either Ad-hoc or Enterprise)
      • Other signing issues
  • App icon became dark grey and
    • Prompts the following alert message: Unable To Install “App Name”: This app cannot be installed because its integrity could not be verified:
      Apple failed to verify code signature of your App. A valid provisioning profile for this executable was not found. Check your provisioning profile, update it in your App and upload a new version to Applivery.
Please note that these issues can not be addressed by our technical team since we do not have access to your source code nor your Apple Developer Portal.