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Creating your first App

Apps are the main and most important thing in Applivery. You can manage them on your own which means that you can for instance:

  • Create a separate App for each different project
  • Create more than one App for the same project to better manage slightly different versions of the same App
  • Create more one App for each different environment you might have to better differentiate between Development, Staging, Quality or Production Apps.

Inside the Apps you’ll find everything related to them: builds, analytics, user permissions, version management and distribution options.

Let’s start creating a new App.

Step 1

First of all, make sure you have selected the Organization where you want to create the App by clicking the Organizations drop down menu.

Step 2

Go to the Dashboard and click Apps from the left side menu.

Step 3

Click + Create app button at the top right side of the screen, type a name for your App to easily identify it and then click Create button to finalize and jump into your new App.