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Inviting people

Inviting people

Now you have your first app created and your first build uploaded, it’s time to invite some testers, clients, or teammates to your project.

Applivery provides different ways to invite people. We will go through the simplest consisting on invite them through their email address.

Invited members will receive email notifications when uploading new builds but also will have different permissions to upload, view, edit and manage your App.

Step 1
Go to Applications (from the left side menu) and click the App you want to invite the people to. Then click on Members and Teams tab.

Members screen

Step 2
Click Add Members button button.
Type the email address or name of the user and the role you want to grant.
Then click BTN-Invite button to finish and send out the email invitation.

Invite Member screen

Note that there are 3 different access levels you can choose for new invitations. These are:

  • Administration: View, Download, Upload builds and Manage members and Teams
  • Developer: View, Download and Upload builds
  • Viewer: View and Download builds
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