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Manage your API Keys

In order to explore the Applivery API or integrate the Applivery SDK you will need your Account API Key

Locate your API Keys

Navigate to the Developers section (left side menu).

At the bottom of the page you'll discover your API Keys:

  • Your Account API Key will provide you access to the Applivery API.
  • Your SDK API Key will provide access to your Apps to your accunt when using the Applivery SDK.

Reset your API Keys

You can reset your Account API Key and your SDK API Key at any time

Warning! Please note that generating a new Account API Key or SDK API Key will invalidate the current one, which will log you out of this dashboard automatically. Make sure you do update all your applications to use your new Account or SDK API Key, which you will find on that page when you log back in.

Please also note that after the reset, only the selected API Key will reset. If you want to reset both API Key you'll have to repeat the process with the other one.

Navigate to the Developers section (left side menu) and click the Generate new API Key button.

A warning alert will be displayd, please read it carefully and if you want to continue, click the Generate new API Key button. If you don't want to proceed, click Cancel.

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