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Applivery SDK

Applivery provides iOS and Android SDKs that bring awesome features that will help you to improve the quality of the Apps and ensure up to date deployments.

It provides some useful and powerful features such as:

In-App Automatic Updates

Make sure users are in the right version of your App. Our One click in App install and update process makes it easy.

Feedback & Bug reporting

Sending feedback or report a bug is as easy as taking an screenshot. Valuable device information and feedback notes will be attached as well.

Forced Updates

Maintain your deployments up to date by forcing all users using an old version of your App to update to the newest one.

Authentication and User Binding

Use Applivery’s authentication or bind your users with Applivery to get insights into adoption and reporting.
Please note that these features are only available under any of the paid plans and subscriptions. Basic (Free) accounts can only use the SDK for testing purposes.
Please also note that the usage of the Applivery SDK has been designed for beta testing environments or Apps that are distributed through the Applivery App Store. The usage of the Applivery SDK is totally forbidden in Apps that are being distributed through the official App Stores (Google Play and Apple App Store). You can read more about how to conditionally disable the SDK in your App Store releases here.

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