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What's new in Applivery v3?

Applivery v3 was release on June 1st, 2019 with a lot of new features and a brand new design both for the Dashboard and the App Stores / Distribution sites.

Let’s take a look to the main changes that took place:

  • Organizations:
    • We introduced the “Organizations” concept that provides a new layer of governance over your Apps. Now, all your Apps will belong to one or many Organizations.
    • Billing has been moved to the Organization as well so now you can have different billing plans for different purposes under different organizations
  • Users:
    • We now differentiate between two types of users: Employees (your end-users) and Collaborators (your coworkers) (read more).
    • More granular user permissions at both Organization and App level
    • Brand new and optimized Employees enrollment process, avoiding email verification
  • Billing:
    • Updated pricing plans (red more) for Personal and Organization accounts. We also introduced a new Essential plan for very small personal projects.
    • Now you can have multiple credit or debit cards stored
    • Better management of your billing history and current plan features
    • Advanced configuration of taxes based on your location and type of account/business you are.
  • Builds:
    • Support to deploy concurrent builds
    • Better builds management and additional build information (Certificate, Provisioning profile)
    • Editable build information: changelog (release notes), tags, version name
  • Analytics:
    • Advanced App level analytics including: last opened Apps, last downloads, downloads / user…
    • Advanced Build level analytics including: last downloads, downloads / user
    • Binding users: link your authenticated users into Applivery to get better insights into adoption
  • App Stores:
    • Distribution Sites and App Stores have been merged under the same thing. Each organization has its own (public or private) App Store where Apps are listed (publicly, privately, unlisted or password protected).
    • Brand new design for App Stores and independant Store and App level custom branding support
    • Custom domains and subdomains
    • Automatic, mandatory and free SSL/HTTPS support