Mobile App Distribution

Easy, fast and elegant distribution for iOS and Android


Your Enterprise App Store

Create and customize your own web-based Distribution Site with custom colors, icons, descriptions and URL.

Choose a unique, intuitive URL ( or use your own domain name to give to your clients.

Distribute both iOS and Android versions of your App under the same website since we automatically detect the visitors operative system.

Access control

Protect your Apps with different security levels:

  • Public: anyone knowing the URL can download the App
  • Password Protected: choose a generic locking password
  • Authorized members: only allowed and registered members can download and install your App.


Intuitive and easy to use

No more pain for the users. We help them to install your App whether they are using iOS or Android.

Applivery is the only platform that will guide them to Trust your Enterprise certificate in iOS or enable Unknown resources in Android. We also provide full support for both Enterprise and Ad-hoc certificates in iOS, adapting tutorials accordingly.

Distribute your Apps globaly since Applivery is translated into English, Spanish, Chinese and Portuguese.

Use your own branding

Your Distribution Sites can be customized to fit your branding.

  • Header color and logo
  • Background & text colors
  • URL and Domain name
  • App description
  • Displayed info (release notes, build info, developer name...)
  • Legal terms and conditions



Full version control

Applivery allows you to store multiple versions of each App so you can either distribute the last available version or an specific one.

Create as many Distribution Sites as you need for different purposes, clients or stages of your development (i.e.: Production, Development, QA)