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Improving App visualization and permissions

Last week we released a new version of Applivery correcting and improving many aspects. Today we want to introduce some of them…

Introducing an easier way to visualize your Apps

With this new version, your Apps will appear grouped by accounts, what means that first you’ll find your own Apps and then the rest of the Apps that other users or organizations share with you.

Introducing Organizations and App permissions


Until now, the only way to grant permission to other users to view, download and manage an App was inviting them one by one to join using the following roles: client, developer or admin.

From now, users who have Enterprise Accounts can manage people belonging to their organization, categorizing them as “employees” or “admins”.

Admins can now fully manage all the Apps within the organization and also create new Apps, choosing between create the new App inside it’s own account or other accounts (organizations) in which is an Admin.



AppliveryImproving App visualization and permissions
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