The definitive (and free) Beta and Enterprise Mobile App distribution system

What is Applivery?

Applivery is the definitive and easiest way to manage your iOS and Android applications for Beta testing or Enterprise purposes.

Applivery also helps to cover the entire software cycle of an application from development to distribution by combining:

  • Continuos integration (CI) & deployment
  • Beta & Enterprise App distribution
  • User feedback

App Distribution

Distribute you App in a super-simple way by inviting testers and clients and creating 100% customizable Distribution Sites:

  • Your own URL: or even your own domain name
  • 100% customizable: colors, background, content, logos and much more
  • Different security levels: public, password protected or Applivery account

And get insights into adoption knowing who and how is installing your Apps.

User feedback & bug reporting

Sending feedback or report a bug is as easy as taking an screenshot.

Applivery collects user feedback attaching information about the App and the device and other relevant information to give context to each situation.

Automatic updates

Manage updates by notifying your users about new versions.

You’ll be able to force the users to update the App or just notify about the new version and let them decide to update or not.

Continuous delivery made easy

Applivery Upload API and 3rd party integrations allows uploading apps automatically, directly from your build server. Applivery is prepared to use Bitrise, Jenkins, Travis-CI or any other continuous integration, deployment and delivery platforms.


Continuously evolving and improving our services...

  • ios-android

    iOS & Android

    Support for both native and hybrid apps for both iOS and Android platforms.

  • All frameworks & languages

    Support for Swift, Objective-C, Android Java, Gradle, React Native, PhoneGap, Ionic…

  • Ready for automation

    Easy to integrate with continuous integration systems.

  • API

    A huge REST API covering all features and functionalities.

  • Insights into adoption

    Discover who have downloaded each version among many other data. Now integrated with Google Analytics.

  • White label

    Customize colors, logos, background and event distribution sites security level.

  • Enteprise & Ad-Hoc

    Full support for both Enterprise & Ad-Hoc certificates.

  • Versions management

    CFBundleVersion & Version Code managed on your behalf

  • User management

    Greater control over who can see the Builds and Apps. Difference between admins, devs and clients.

  • SDKs

    iOS and Android SDK to provide Automatic updates and feedback & bug reporting.

  • Feedback & Bug reporting

    Receive feedback and bug reports directly from your users

  • Slack

    Be notified on new uploads and feedback submissions

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