Mobile App Distribution made easy


Mobile App Management

Applivery is the most powerful Mobile Apps distribution system that enables full control over your Mobile Apps by briging together:

  • Mobile App Management and governance
  • Enterprise App Distribution
  • Automatic updates
  • Feedback & Bug reporting
  • Continuous Deployment

Discover how Applivery can help you manage and distribute Mobile Apps, saving time and effort.

Easy & elegant distribution

Invite testers or create fully customizable Distribution Sites, with your own, unique, intuitive URL to give to clients:

  • Create "Store like" beautiful Distribution Sites
  • Create different Distribution Sites for different purposes
  • Fully customizable: select versions, colors, logos, descriptions and much more
  • Use your own domain name
  • Protect your Apps: public, password protected or registered users
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Continuous Deployment

Deploying your apps with Applivery is child's play as you can start using Applivery along with the tools you already use or even connect your systems to our API.

We are integrated with almost everything you love!

Feedback & Bug reporting

Sending feedback or report a bug is as easy as taking an screenshot. Users can highlight and attach feedback notes.

Get perfect insight by collecting information about the App, the device and other relevant information to give context to each situation.



Automatic Updates

Make sure users are in the right version of your App.
Our "one click" install and update process makes it easy.

  • In-App notifications
  • Notify your users on every new release by email
  • Force your users to update or Block the App
  • "QR to Install" experience on email
  • Click & Install from Slack

Insights into adoption

Real-time analytics help knowing when your App has been downloaded along with user-level information about which version has been installed and what device has been used.


Features Overview

  • iOS & Android

    Support for both native and hybrid apps for both iOS and Android platforms.

  • Instant deployment

    No review process required. Just upload your app and deploy it to yor users.

  • Enterprise & Ad-Hoc

    Full support for both
    Enterprise & Ad-Hoc certificates.

  • Your own App URLs

    Just share your App's link or QR code to deliver your App

  • All frameworks & languages

    Support for Swift, Objective-C, Android Java, React Native, PhoneGap, Ionic…

  • Versions management

    CFBundleVersion & VersionCode managed on your behalf.
    Use Tags to easily identify your Builds

  • User management

    Advanced control over who can access and manage Builds and Apps. Difference between admins, devs and clients.

  • Organizations & Teams

    Manage your organization on your own by creating teams and managing user permissions and roles.

  • White label dashboard

    Customize the dashboard with your branding for your Users. Define default color scheme for Distribution sites.

  • Slack notifications

    Receive instant notifications when new versions are available or new feedback or bugs are reported.

  • Open Source SDKs

    Feedback & Bug reporting, In-App updates, Force updates and much more with Applivery SDK

  • 24/7 Chat support

    Our support team is always there to help you with anything you might need

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We are integrated with almost everything you love. Automation, CI, issue tracking, messaging...