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Apple & Android

Applivery is the most powerful Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) platform that enables full control over Mobile App Distribution and Device Management (MDM & MAM), helping companies better manage their endpoints and mobile applications for Apple and Android devices.

We help the most innovative companies manage their devices and apps.
MDM device management, MAM & App Distribution

Mobile Device Management

Device Protection & Full Control — MDM

Corporate Devices

Full device management: Corporate-owned, business-only devices or single-purpose devices such as Kiosk and screens.

Bring you own device

One device. Two different profiles. Keep business data safe and personal things private.

There are numerous seamless ways to enroll your devices individually or in bulk, including Android Zero-touch and Apple DEP.

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Manage any type of Android or Apple device: mobile phones, tablets, watches, televisions or any type of industrial device, ruggedized devices or specific to your business.

Mobile App Management

Complete lifecycle management of every app used in an enterprise, including silently installing, updating and deleting apps on both corporate and personally owned devices in the organization. Advanced management of licenses, configurations, restrictions and policies.

App Store

Compatible with Apple Business Solution Certified

Device Management

Google Business Solution validated in all Android

Upload your App

Distribute Apps with your own Stores

Self-hosted & Web Apps

Description here. Distribute Apps without upload in Apple

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Enterprise App Distribution

An extremely easy-to-use, fully customizable and flexible web-based App Store to maximize the adoption of your corporate Apps. Ready for any purpose and user knowledge level with a guided installation experience. All you need in one place to distribute iOS and Android apps without to unmanaged devices.

Public or Private access

Multiple Workflows

Friendly for non-technical teams​

Empower your mobility strategy with ease

Applivery Mobility Management

Applivery is a platform that is well known for its simplicity and ease of use. Rely on our customer support team that offers the best customer experience throughout your mobile device an apps. Don't waste more time and resources. Streamline app deployments and reduce efforts and costs in device management now.

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Enterprise App Stores
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Downloaded Apps
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Managed Devices


Integrated with dozens of applications and platforms you already use. From authentication systems that will simplify user identification to CI/CD services for seamless app deployments plus many other collaboration tools that will help you get up to date and become more efficient.

MDM, MAM & App Distribution

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MDM device management, MAM & App Distribution

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