User & Device Enrollment

Multiple ways to enroll devices and users

Applivery Device Management offers multiple ways to enroll devices and users in MDM. It simplifies the process and breaks the implementation barrier.

Make zero-touch a reality

The enrollment process can be the difference between a fast implementation and an eternal process

Android Zero-touch

Apple DEP

Samsung Knox

SSO Enrollment

apple device management mdm for apple (1)

Optimized to BYOD & Owned Devices

Save time simplifying the process

Choose the quickest way for you and the easiest way for your employees

Email based

Just click on the link provided in the e-mail

QR Code

Just scan the QR code or access 

NFC Enrollment


Set up a new device by bumping an NFC tag

Android enrollment

Android Zero-touch

Deployment method for corporate-owned

Apple enrollment black

Apple DEP

Deploy organization-owned Apple devices

API enrollment

API Enrollment

Fully customized enrollment through our API's

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