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Get our guided courses and become a certified expert in Applivery mobility management products.

Discover our 3-level certification through which you will be able to acquire all the necessary knowledge to successfully manage any business case that requires the management of mobile devices or applications.

You can get a progressive learning experience covering fundamental product introduction, advanced management techniques, tips and tricks and technical insights.



Learn what Applivery is and how it can help you gathering more control over your mobile Apps and Mobile devices fleet. Discover the main Enterprise Mobility Management concepts.

Online - 90 minutes
* Valid for 1 year


Discover the main Applivery features and learn how to configure them to better manage applications and mobile devices. Get a high-level introduction to the main selling principles.

Online - 3 hours
* Valid for 1 year


Deep dive into Applivery's management capabilities to squeeze the best out of the platform, including advanced sales skills and advanced configuration for both Apple and Android Apps and Devices.

Online - 8 hours
* Valid for 1 year

Certification Benefits

Join our elite group of global experts when you become Applivery Certified

Get promoted or hired

Get promoted or even hired in the most innovative companies that currently manage their devices and apps with Applivery.

Foster credibility

Foster your credibility with your employer and peers in the mobile developer and operations communities.

Gain valuable skills

Gain valuable skills that will help you drive and accelerate your career in one of the most innovative and leading sectors of the market.

Certification Path

Receive a Digital Certificate Issued by Applivery

Once you pass your exam and become Applivery Certified you will receive a shareable virtual certificate that will prove your experience as well as other distinctive such as the certification badge so you can attach it to your email signature or on social networks.

Rules & Requirements

Exam Cost - 100 EUR

It covers administrative costs including software licenses and exam proctoring. Please note that retaking the exam will result in another payment.

90 minute exam

You will have 90 minutes to complete your multiple choice exam.

Computer Readiness Check

Complete a check to ensure your system meets the necessary hardware and software requirements to complete the exam.

Select Exam Date

After registering you’ll have the opportunity to select the exact date and time of your exam.

What's next?

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