Mobile Device Management (MDM)
Android device management, simplified.
Applivery MDM is an easy-to-use, cloud-based MDM software for Android that helps organizations effectively manage mobile devices with the best-in-class security. It’s very easy to implement in organizations of every size and takes just a couple of minutes to get started on.
Handle any type of device
Manage any type of Android-based device: mobiles, tablets, watches, televisions or any type of industrial device, ruggedized devices or specific to your business.
Validated by Google in all    Management solutions. Read more.
Flexible control of corporate devices
Android gives you tons of flexibility to manage your business’ devices. From locked-down mobile experiences, to limited oversight over only business data and apps. Mix and match these tools to meet your needs.
  • Full device management: Corporate-owned, business-only devices
  • Dedicated device management: Corporate owned, single-use devices
  • Work profiles: BYOD and company-owned devices enabled for personal use
Let your staff use their own devices (BYOD)
Employees can safely use their personal devices for work. Work profiles makes it possible. Personal things stay separate and work things stay secure – no sharing data between the two – with high level encryption. And switching from work to personal is as quick as a swipe.
  • One device. Two different profiles. Keep business data safe and personal things private.
  • Balance work and life. Focus mode blocks distractions. Turning off the work profile pauses work apps and notifications.
Many ways to enroll
There are numerous seamless ways to enroll your devices individually or in bulk.

Enrollment token

Enter the unique code provided vía email.

QR Code

Enrol a device from the setup wizard by easily scanning a QR code.


Set up a new device by bumping an NFC tag or another NFC-enabled device.


Just open the box and start using the device with management, apps and configurations all set.
Deploy devices at scale
No deployment is too big – or small. Whether you need to set up hundreds of devices automatically, or a single device manually. Applivery has enrollment options that work for you.
  • Apply policies to one or many devices at the same time
  • REST API full access
  • Full control over your enrollment process
  • Create and modify policies on the fly based on your own systems
Private Apps just for your company
Distribute any app that you want through managed Google Play. Even private apps used only by your company. Admins can choose which employees get access to which apps. So even when employees download apps themselves, your business stays secure.
  • Apps whitelisting and blacklisting
  • Define App-level policies and configurations
  • Upload and manage Private Apps just for your company
Manage your mobile fleet. On your terms.


Centralized platform for device management. Distribute company apps in one place. Set the level of oversight on each device, from limited to locked down. It’s up to your business’ needs.


Enterprise-grade security to help prevent leaks and phishing, block malware and make sure that enterprise data isn’t lost.


Mobility is part of your business and it needs to work in an integrated way with it. Automate every step based on your business needs in a matter of minutes and let Applivery take care of the rest.
How does it work?

1. Sign up

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2. Create your organization

Connect your Google Developer Account with Applivery

3. Invite people

Users will receive an email invitation to enroll their devices

4. Enrollment

Your users enroll their devices either in fully managed or work profile modes

5. Apply policies

Apply management and security policies on the fly

6. Life cycle management

Install Apps, update, backup or wipe devices depending on the management mode.

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