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Applivery is the most powerful Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) platform that enables full control over your Mobile Apps and devices by bringing together:
  • Mobile App Management (MAM)
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM)
  • Enterprise App Store and App distribution
  • Feedback & Bug reporting
  • Continuous integration & deployment (CI/CD)
Discover how Applivery can help you speed up Mobile Apps Development, Management and Distribution, saving time and effort and effectively manage mobile devices with the best-in-class security.
Mobile App management (MAM)
An extremely easy-to-use, fully customizable and flexible web-based App Store to maximize the adoption of your Apps. Ready for any purpose and user knowledge level with a guided installation experience.
  • Public or Private access
  • Multiple or single App distribution
  • Multipurpose for both technical and non-technical teams
  • Custom domain names and SSL
  • and much more...
Mobile Device management (MDM)
Manage any type of Android-based device: mobiles, tablets, watches, televisions or any type of industrial device, ruggedized devices or specific to your business.
Seamless integrations for continuous deployment
Deploying your apps with Applivery is child’s play as you can start using Applivery along with the CI & CD tools you already use or even connect your internal systems to our API to automate app deployments.
  • Bitrise
  • Fastlane
  • Jenkins
  • CircleCI
  • Travis
  • Upload API
Feedback & Bug reporting
Sending feedback or report a bug is as easy as taking a screenshot or shaking the phone. Users can highlight and attach feedback notes. Get perfect insight by collecting information about the App, the device and other relevant information to give context to each situation.

Feedback & Bug reports are automatically pushed to your Project Management and Communication tools such as JIRA or Slack.

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