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Build and deploy your Apps like a pro

We know that your time worths a lot and you’re always trying to simplify and automate the most routine tasks of your day to day. Once of the main objectives of Applivery is to save development hours by simplifying all the processes that are usually floating around building an App. For that reason Applivery is now integrated with the most popular Continuous Integration systems in the market and f we talk about CI in native Apps we have to talk about

Introducing fastlane


Luckily, for some time now, this is a bit easier thanks to fastlane, an automation tool that helps to release your iOS and Android apps. It handles all tedious tasks, like generating screenshots, dealing with code signing and deploying your application effortless.

Today we are releasing our Applivery fastlane plugin that will allow developers to automatically deploy Apps into in a seamless way.

How it works?

Once you have fastlane installed, getting started is as simple as create a new Fastfile file in your repository where you’ll define “lanes”. Each lane is like a workflow that runs sequentially a set of steps.

You can add as many steps as you want but probably the most simple workflow would be to build and deploy your app and here is an example for iOS Apps:

Now you just need to launch the command fastlane beta and let the magic happen!

Do you like it?

If so, please take a look to our fastline guide and start building and deploying your apps like a pro!

AppliveryBuild and deploy your Apps like a pro
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