Complete lifecycle management of every app used in an enterprise, including installing, updating and deleting apps on both corporate and personally owned devices in the organization. Advanced management of licenses, configurations, restrictions and policies.

Mobile App Management

Manage any type of app

building your own app catalog

Create your own, fully branded, app catalog to provide only those apps approved by the organization. These apps can either be Store apps from the Apple Store or Google Play, available for public download on the Internet or enterprise apps, the in-house apps developed specifically to fulfill your organization’s needs.

Whitelist or deny any public app from Google Play or Apple Store. Easily manage updates policies to ensure organization security.

Full control over your managed apps

Applivery enables endless possibilities to manage your applications, defining their installation type, update policies and providing advanced configuration over security and access permissions as well as defining the execution scope (wide device, private or personal space)

  • Installation type

    Available, preinstalled force installed

  • Update mode

    Disable, auto-update, or high-priority

  • Permissions

    Granting or deny permissions

  • Managed Configurations

    Available, preinstalled force installed,

Mobile App management
Mobile App Management

Single or Multi-app Kiosk mode

Lock down devices to run only a single app or specific set of apps, in full screen mode.
Define apps behavior during kiosk mode and how the user will interact with them. Also configure the behavior of the screen, brightness or even device battery and network.

App policies, restrictions and configurations

From locking down devices to specific applications using kiosk mode to configuring a virtual private network (VPN) specifically for applications.

Applivery lets you also restrict the sharing of data from approved apps to unapproved apps and vice-versa. You can also configure restrictions to prevent users from uninstalling apps, installing unapproved apps and you can even disable Google Play Store or Apple Store.

Mobile App Management

Fully automated

And of course, you can do all of the above in an automated way through our APIs, Webhooks and integrations with third parties that will allow you to save effort and time in unnecessary management tasks.

Apps reporting

Since applications are the foundation of the mobile workforce, application-based reports provide the IT administrator with granular details about applications installed on the device, devices with blocked applications, updates status, uso de las aplicaciones, consumo de datos and non-compliance reports.

Applivery has these reports ready to use in real time for you to act on them with ease.

mobile app management

How does it work?

1. Sign up

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2. Add apps to your catalog

Choose Apps from Google PLay or Apple Store or even upload you enterprise apps directly to Applivery.

3. Policies and configurations

Define you app-level policies and configurations that will be applied during the installation process.

4. Enroll device

Enroll your devices and apply your app policies, restrictions and configurations instantly.

5. Get insights

Get useful reports and analytics about the apps installed in your devices.

6. Update and Remove

Have full control over the apps with silent updates or even remote removal of apps.

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