April 22, 2024

Maximum Enterprise Efficiency: Mastering Windows Device Management with MDM

Maximum Enterprise Efficiency: Mastering Windows Device Management with MDM
Now that mobility and remote work are booming, corporate data security is becoming a top priority.With the growing popularity of the use of personal devices at work or Windows “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD), the need for effective management of these remote devices arises. This is where mobile device management comes into play.

What is MDM for Windows?

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is a tool designed for device management that allows organizations to manage, secure, control and remotely access these devices.

With the growth of remote work and hybrid teams, Windows device management tools such as Applivery become an essential ally in maintaining security and efficiency in the enterprise environment.

How MDM works on Windows

Applivery’s MDM system uses the Windows operating system APIs to establish communication, simplifying the delivery of applications, settings and restrictions to corporate and BYOD devices. This gives IT administrators full control over the devices.

By not requiring an agent running on the device, the application of remote configurations is streamlined and more efficient control from the operating system is ensured, without consuming excessive resources. In addition, it ensures the reliability of the configurations and allows us to take advantage of the innovative functionalities of Microsoft updates in its new versions of Windows.

Windows Device Management 1

Key Functions of an MDM for Windows

An MDM solution provides a number of crucial functions for the security and management of remote devices of all types, including Windows devices:

  • Device Enrollment and Configuration: Allows administrators to enroll and configure corporate or BYOD devices for management. Enabling, through integration with Autopilot, an automatic enrollment of devices in our MDM.
  • Application and Device Management: Monitors and manages the use of applications and devices to ensure a secure environment.
  • Security Policies and Tasks: Applies security policies on devices regardless of their location to protect corporate data.
  • Status and Performance Monitoring: Monitors the status and performance of devices for quick detection and resolution of problems.
  • Location Tracking and Control: Monitors the location of devices to protect them in case of loss or theft.

Configuring MDM on your Windows devices with Applivery

Setting up MDM on your Windows devices with Applivery is easy and efficient. You can enroll a device automatically via Autopilot or manually, using email or a QR code. Once enrolled, the IT administrator with access to Applivery has full control over the device.

Lifecycle Management of Windows Devices

Applivery’s MDM tool for Windows not only manages devices in use, but also provides support throughout their lifecycle. From initial enrollment, through its management, to the safe removal of the device. Support administrators at every stage to ensure the security and efficiency of all the company’s devices from a single place, regardless of the operating system they use.

Applivery’s MDM platform allows you to manage all your company’s devices in a unified way, regardless of the operating system they use. Its ability to secure, manage and control these devices ensures corporate data security and operational efficiency even if they are BYOD.

MDM applivery device management

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