May 22, 2024

Optimizing device management at LIN3S with Applivery

Optimizing device management at LIN3S with Applivery

The business environment is becoming increasingly digitized, making the efficient management of corporate devices a challenge for the security and productivity of organizations. From new employee onboarding to keeping applications up to date, managing these devices, regardless of their operating system, can be overwhelming. To meet this challenge, solutions such as Device Management (MDM) become indispensable.

In this article, we will talk about the company LIN3S and how it has successfully overcome this common challenge. From its headquarters in Bilbao, Spain, LIN3S has demonstrated its commitment to excellence in every project, backed by a first class technical and human team. The deployment of a fleet of more than 150 MacBooks was a crucial step in strengthening its security and operational efficiency.

Thanks to the integration of Applivery, LIN3S has optimized its device management processes, improving the security of corporate data and streamlining the operations of its IT team.

In this article we will explore how this strategic collaboration has enabled LIN3S to address its challenges, delivering results that boosted its efficiency and productivity.

Challenges that companies like LIN3S have

With increasingly stringent regulations, safety and compliance are key concerns for companies like LIN3S. They must securely manage their corporate devices and digital assets without compromising productivity due to the time invested in strengthening security. For this reason, it is necessary to have a solution that mitigates risks and improves the management of your devices.

Applivery's key role: benefits of implementing an MDM

MDM is an essential device management tool for driving productivity and improving operational efficiency in organizations.

For LIN3S, simplifying the onboarding process for new employees was essential to its continued growth. Applivery’s solution facilitated this process, allowing new employees to start working and using their devices immediately with all the necessary configurations for their position.

In addition to this benefit, Applivery provides many others that for LIN3S have also been key to optimizing its productivity:

Automated and efficient process:

Applivery simplifies device procurement by collaborating with Apple’s authorized reseller, Econocom Products & Solutions, which supplies pre-enrolled and pre-configured devices. The devices are delivered directly to employees, ready for use according to their functions, saving time and resources in the onboarding process.

Authentication and customized configuration:

During the startup process, employees are guided through authentication, and through Smart Enrollments, security policies and customized settings are automatically applied based on their identity, work team and intended use of the device. This ensures a consistent configuration tailored to the individual needs of each user.

Applivery Setup Assistant for a personalized welcome:

Once the authentication and setup process is complete, the Applivery Setup Assistant welcomes employees and guides them through the first steps with their new Mac device. This helps them quickly familiarize themselves with their work environment and maximize their productivity from day one.

Access to applications, scripts and corporate content:

The Applivery Agent deploys a private catalog of applications and executes scripts silently or on demand, depending on the user’s needs. It also allows access to internal corporate bookmarks and content, improving productivity and fostering team collaboration.

Managed system updates:

Applivery handles system updates, ensuring that LIN3S Apple devices are always up to date with the latest versions of macOS and security applications. This ensures optimal performance and continuous protection against cyber threats.

Detailed and accurate inventory:

Applivery’s Inventory Management tool provides the LIN3S IT team with a detailed and accurate inventory of their equipment, thus improving asset management and facilitating regulatory compliance, especially in stringent standards such as ISO 27001.

The collaboration between LIN3S, Applivery and Econocom P&S has been instrumental in strengthening LIN3S’ security and operational efficiency. This partnership has not only consolidated LIN3S’ position in the market, but has also prepared the team to face future challenges with confidence.

By adopting MDM best practices and partnering with a trusted provider like Applivery, organizations can achieve higher levels of productivity and security. We invite you to explore how Applivery can optimize device management in your company, whether it’s simplifying new employee onboarding, ensuring regulatory compliance or improving operational efficiency.

If you want to know more about how Applivery has helped LIN3S achieve excellence, you can visit the detailed case study on our website.

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