March 6, 2024

All about Mobile World Congress 2024 Barcelona

All about Mobile World Congress 2024 Barcelona

MWC Mobile World Congress Barcelona 24 (MWC 24) is back strongly this year, recapturing its best version and exceeding the expectations of many in the technology industry.

In this article, we’ll tell you all about what happened, the latest trends, the innovations presented by industry leaders and the key topics among companies and participants, from AI and robotics to 5G.


The context of barcelona 2024 MWC

The Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2024, hosted in Barcelona (Spain), is the epicenter of innovation in mobile technology and telecommunications. Organized by the GSMA, an entity that unites more than 1,000 mobile operators and companies from around the world to promote innovation, the event attracted tens of thousands of professionals to network and learn about the latest developments in the sector.

Chaired by the CEO of Telefonica, Spain’s biggest telecommunications company, MWC provides a unique platform for major brands to announce their new bets for the sector and present the smartphone models and technologies that will shape the market throughout the year.

This annual event is more than just a showcase for technological innovation, it is also a key driver of economic growth and global collaboration in the mobile communications sector.

An event with global impact

The MWC has established itself as the world’s leading trade fair for the sector. Since its move to Barcelona in 2006, the event has experienced exponential growth, attracting more than 2,000 exhibitors from all over the world. With the presence of around 100,000 professionals and thousands of journalists, the MWC generates an economic impact of close to 500 million euros and creates around 13,000 jobs.

During the four days, industry leaders, technology enthusiasts and policy makers gathered in Barcelona to witness advances in telecommunications, mobile devices and digital connectivity and network.

More than 200,000 media and social media mentions, with a total audience of 300 billion, gave voice to the global relevance of the event.

Innovations from industry leaders in MWC Barcelona

The Mobile World Congress 24 (MWC 24) has also been the stage to learn more about the mobile industry in Spain and Europe. Here is a list of the innovations presented by the leading companies:


The main protagonist of the first day of mobile, the Chinese giant brought many new highlights, the latest generation of smartphone or its first electric car, the Xiaomi SU7.

xiaomi en mobile world congress barcelona 2024 coche


They presented prototypes of the Galaxy Ring, Samsung’s first smart ring. It is expected to be launched on the market this year, so we have had access to a preview of information about its features and functionalities.


The usual protagonist of the technology fairs showed us some new features that will be presented for android in the following weeks, although the attraction of their stand, converted into a cafeteria and exhibitor, was the main attraction.


The company that comes from Huawei left no one indifferent with its new smartphone Magic 6 Pro, with a 180 megapixel camera, among other novelties such as its mid-range tablet.


Following the trend of MWC 24, Huawei presented Huawei 5.5 G, about to be marketed, which offers variable connection speeds to adapt to the needs and provide faster and more stable connectivity.

Main topics at MWC Barcelona 2024


The main topic has been artificial intelligence, following the trend of recent years. With more than 75,000 mentions in social networks and media, AI has been crowned as the protagonist of this edition.

Some of the brands that have used the MWC to announce their innovations in AI have been Samsung, SK Telecom or Engineered Arts, with the great protagonist, Ameca, the humanoid robot that uses ChatGPT technology to speak and can show its facial expressions spontaneously.

robot mobile world congress barcelona 2024


Following closely on the heels of AI, another major theme of Mobile this year continues to be 5G. As we mentioned, Huawei lead this theme introducing the evolution to the 5.5G era, which represents a significant advancement in mobile connectivity. This technology promises high download speeds and a higher capacity to handle a density of connected devices, an announcement that didn’t go unnoticed.


As previous years, it has also been the showcase of the latest developments of companies and manufacturers related to the mobile technology sector, where we have seen very curious developments such as the laptop with transparent screen from Lenovo, the first flying car from Alef Aeronautics or the rollable smartphones from Motorola among many others.

Other industry-related topics

In addition to the main technology-related topics, there is also space at the mwc for other sectors in which all these new developments can be applied.


The MWC mobile world congress 2024 will be a recreation of the Earth that will allow us to learn how our actions are affecting the planet.
mwc sustainability


The most significant foray into the health-focused wearable technology realm has been Samsung with the Samsung Galaxy Ring, a device that focuses on wellness and health. Equipped with sensors, it monitors heart rate and offers recommendations to improve users’ health and wellness.


In this area the protagonist was ESET PROTECT, the world’s most comprehensive cyber threat prevention, detection and response platform. It presented its solutions for companies in mobile.

The Mobile World Congress proved yet another year to be a reference event for the telecommunications and technology sector, exceeding expectations and reaffirming its position as one of the most important events in the Spanish technology calendar.

With a focus on innovation, collaboration and growth, MWC 24 has been a success, from Applivery we are looking forward to what next year has in store.

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