April 4, 2024

Applivery Agent for MacOS

Applivery Agent for MacOS

1. What is Applivery Agent?

The Applivery Agent for MacOS is a software that can be installed on MacOS devices from an organization to enhance the capabilities of our MDM (Mobile Device Management) solution.

2. Why use an agent?

The use of an agent provides additional functionality and advanced management capabilities that are not available through the use of Apple APIs. This allows a deeper customization and more complete management of macOS devices in an enterprise environment.

3. Additional functionalities

The agent for macOS provides a series of extra functionalities for both the user who uses the device and the IT administrator who manages the corporate device fleet.

3.1 Self Service

The Self-Service application will be installed on all the devices we decide, offering a unique space where device users will find a serie of elements.

Applivery Agent para MacOS


A customized App Store is provided for these devices, showing installed apps, apps available for install, as well as detailed information about the apps.


Allows the execution of scripts on demand by users and reports the output of their execution to the Applivery portal.


Provides customized links to web pages, portals and IT ticketing pages, as well as a direct link to corporate documentation, etc…


Provides a check of the reports being sent to the Applivery portal.
Applivery Agent para MacOS

3.2. Reports

The agent provides detailed reports on the status and performance of MacOS devices, allowing IT administrators to make informed decisions about device management. This reporting is optional and can be activated directly through the agent, providing an extra reporting feature (Battery report, Bluetooth, System information).

3.3. Scripts

Allows IT administrators to run scripts under user demand or launch them automatically (once, or on a recurring every X minutes basis) to perform specific actions on MacOS devices. This allows for greater flexibility and customization in device management.

3.4. Apps

A block list can be created to restrict access to certain applications or resources on MacOS devices, ensuring the security and integrity of corporate data.

4. How to configure the agent

Agent configuration is done through policies launched from the Applivery portal, which can be centrally deployed and managed to ensure uniformity and consistency across the organization.

The agent must simply be selected so that it can be available to the devices that are associated with this policy.

Applivery Agent para MacOS

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