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March 7, 2024

iOS 17.4: The Update that Revolutionizes the iPhone

iOS 17.4: The Update that Revolutionizes the iPhone

Apple has officially released iOS 17.4 update, marking a significant milestone in the history of the iPhone and the App Store. This version brings about fundamental changes, especially for European users.

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Main features of iOS 17.4

In iOS 17.4, sideloading is a prominent change that allows users to install applications from alternative app marketplaces in response to DMA regulations in the EU. Apple imposes security requirements for these applications, meaning they cannot be directly downloaded from web pages, but alternative stores can offer applications that meet these requirements and can be installed.

Until now, alternative web browsers to Safari were limited to using Apple’s engine (Apple WebKit). However, this will change as companies will be able to employ their own browsing engines.

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Furthermore, when opening the Safari application for the first time, users will have the option to select a default browser for their device. As a result of Apple’s change in stance, Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) will continue to be available in the European Union.

The implementation of this update represents the opening up of NFC technology, allowing developers to leverage this component for integration into their own payment applications. For more details on alternative providers, EU residents can access Contactless and NFC in Settings.

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What else is new in iOS 17.4?

  • Doors have been opened to the arrival of game streaming applications.
  • New emojis have been introduced, along with the option to choose the orientation of 18 emojis of people and body parts.
  • Updates in CarPlay with improvements to integration and app control.
  • Updates to the iPhone anti-theft feature, providing an additional layer of security to protect your device.
  • New clock widget for easy access to time and alarms from the home screen.
  • More battery health information for iPhone 15 users, including the number of charge cycles and the manufacturing date.
  • Apple Podcasts offers transcripts with highlighted text during audio playback. Transcripts are available in different languages, and users have the option to read the full transcript, search for words or phrases, and play selected content.
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iOS 17.4 marks a significant change in how users interact with their iPhones and the App Store. With the introduction of sideloading and other new features, users have more options and flexibility than ever before.

Updating your device to iOS 17.4 is easy, and Applivery can help by scheduling the update for your enrolled iPhones. At Applivery, we continue to innovate to keep our platform updated with all the new features introduced and everything that is to come!

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