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March 13, 2024

What is kiosk mode? All you need to know to configure it

What is kiosk mode? All you need to know to configure it

Kiosk mode is a useful tool in the technological field, allowing efficient device management. This mode acts as a control function, restricting access to certain functions and applications to optimize productivity. In this article, we will explain in detail what kiosk mode is, how it is activated and the benefits it can provide in various business contexts. From the basics to practical tips.

What is kiosk mode?

Kiosk mode, refers to a feature designed to restrict a device to a specific application or a predetermined set of applications, there are different types of kiosk mode: single application (Single-App), basic launcher (Multi-App), advanced launcher (Multi-App). When activated limits user access to other features, settings, or applications on the device, effectively transforming it into a dedicated tool for a particular function or task.

So... what is the purpose of kiosk mode?

Its primary purpose is to limit user interaction to a predefined set of applications or services, which is useful in a variety of enterprises, educational and customer service environments.

kiosk mode configuration

What are the benefits of kiosk mode?

Through kiosk mode in MDM, administrators can manage devices remotely, ensuring enterprise security, updating applications and monitoring usage regardless of platform. By restricting access to unwanted applications, kiosk mode ensures data security and optimizes performance by reducing distractions, thus improving efficiency on specific tasks.

On which devices can I use the kiosk mode solution?

You can use kiosk mode on different devices, regardless of their operating system, no matter if it’s Andorid, Apple or Windows. These are the devices where you can use kiosk mode:

Kiosk mode use cases in different industries

Kiosk mode MDM is useful across various industries such as retail, hospitality, healthcare, and education, where special use devices serve specialized purposes and require stringent control. This feature allows for remote configuration and management devices, facilitating tasks like updating applications, enforcing security protocols, and tracking usage patterns. The adaptability of kiosk mode extends to different enterprise contexts, enhancing operational efficiency, refining customer experiences, and offering automated or self-service solutions.
Kiosk mode applications for different industries

What do you need for the kiosk mode configuration?

There are many benefits of kiosk mode in many different industries. If you are interested in starting to use it, we are going to give you some tips that will be useful to define which type of kiosk mode best fits your needs.

To manage a kiosk mode, you will need one device whose operating system supports this configuration.
You also need a MDM (Mobile Device Management) solution, a centralized solution that enables organizations to manage, protect and distribute applications and data across multiple mobile devices, facilitating and configuration.

Make sure your MDM solution and the operating system of your device supports kiosk mode, which allows you to configure the device to run single app mode or multi app kiosk mode, this preventing users from accessing other device functions and settings, solutions like Applivery’s integrate everything you need.

How to enable kiosk mode

First of all, you need to choose the right kiosk mode. To help you, we tell you the key differences between the different types of kiosk modes to start setting up your kiosk account:

  • Singularity vs. flexibility: Single-application mode restricts the device apps to a specific function, while multi-application mode allows for a wider range of uses for user.
  • Control vs. accessibility: Single-application mode offers user full control over the device, while multi-application mode balances control with accessibility to different functions.

Once you have a clear idea of the type of device you will use, and the type of kiosk mode you need, it’s time to enable your app kiosk mode.

Applivery kiosk mode configuration

How to configure kiosk mode

Regardless of the operating system (such as Android, IpadOS, macOS, IphoneOS Windows 10, Windows 11, with applivery, configure kiosk mode is a seamless process.

How to set up Kiosk mode on Apple?

To configure kiosk mode on Apple devices, you simply need to have your devices enrolled, create a policy that includes kiosk mode and then associate it with the devices you want. Once this is done, the configuration will be deployed in seconds thanks to the bulk assignment of devices, ensuring a fast and efficient implementation.

How to configure Android kiosk mode?

With Android kiosk mode, the process is quite similar. You just need to have an MDM that enrolls the devices automatically. Once enrolled, you only have to set your preferences to be applied to the devices managed in kiosk mode. The selected devices will automatically appear with the configuration you have chosen for them.

android kiosk mode configuration

Configuring kiosk mode settings

Once you have enabled kiosk mode, you can configure the settings according to user specific needs. This may include access to settings, power or volume button actions or allow notifications in status bar during kiosk mode configuration.

How do I access to kiosk mode?

Once you have configured kiosk mode, just start the device as you normally would. Depending on the configuration, the device apps should automatically run into kiosk mode and show the allowed application(s) on the screen.

How do I get out of kiosk mode?

When you opt for kiosk mode on a device, company, employee and customer data must be fully protected. For this reason, Applivery ensures that a device in kiosk mode cannot be taken out of that configuration. Even if the device is restored to factory settings, because it is managed by Applivery, the settings will be restored automatically, providing continuous and uninterrupted protection.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions for kiosk mode

Applivery MDM offers a solution for any Android device (tablet, mobile, etc.) and also on any Apple device (iphones, ipads, etc.) and Windows devices that will increase the productivity of your team and the agility of your employees by giving them fully equipped devices from day zero.

MDM applivery device management

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