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February 20, 2024

Worried about the security of BYOD (Bring your own device)?

Worried about the security of BYOD (Bring your own device)?

In the new era of work, we have the ability to work in offices, from home and in a combination of both with hybrid work. In all modalities, using technology to perform our tasks. But relying so heavily on it can leave our networks vulnerable. That’s where Applivery’s BYOD comes in, offering a secure solution that could change the way we collaborate at work… all without causing any setback in our productivity.

What is BYOD (Bring your own device)?

Throughout the article we will go into more depth about the BYOD concept, but
to add some context, let’s start with a brief description.

Nowadays personal use devices are essential, and sometimes problems can emerge when it comes to integrating employees’ phone, tablets or other devices for work into the workplace network. This need is addressed by solutions such as BYOD from Applivery, which allow employees to use their personal devices for work, increasing productivity.

BYOD policies are the solution that many companies need, but the implementation sometimes can be a problem for employees, who see their devices over-controlled or with problems that are not attended as they should be. Also, if not properly managed, network risks could be introduced into security measures for employees and company, so it is important to find a balance for each service!

Balancing productivity and security: BYOD (Bring your own device)

As we have already mentioned, finding the balance between increasing employee productivity and company security can be a tricky business if you don’t have the right Mobile Device Management (MDM) provider.
The customers must understand the importance of respecting the device security and personal information of employees, who are often in doubt to enroll their devices in a Mobile Device Management (MDM) system because of concerns about privacy and access to their personal data. However, to ensure the security of corporate data, the enrollment of BYOD security policy is crucial.
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In this context, it is important to find a BYOD-enabled MDM that respects employees privacy while ensuring the protection of company data. Some providers such as Applivery ensure in their BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) models that IT teams cannot access beyond enterprise applications, delete data or applications without consent, view sensitive data or restrict uses of personal apps. All of this ensures that employees private data remains confidential while the company network remains protected.

To make this possible, measures like data loss prevention, a user-managed self-service application catalog and management of corporate configurations such as Wi-Fi and VPN are crucial.

The Role of MDM Solutions in Securing BYOD (Bring your own device)

Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions like Applivery play a crucial role in establishing a secure BYOD policy. Here’s how they contribute to a more secure and productive BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) environment:

Device BYOD enrollment and authentication:

MDM solutions facilitate secure device enrollment and authentication processes. This ensures that only authorized devices with BYOD can access corporate resources, reducing the risk of unauthorized access.

Data encryption and separation:

Applivery’s MDM BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) solution offers robust data encryption and containerization features. This means that work-related data is kept separate from personal data on the device, reducing the risk of sensitive data falling into the wrong hands.

Remote management and wiping:

In the event of device loss or theft, MDM solutions enable IT administrators to remotely locate, lock or wipe data from the device. This ensures that corporate data remains secure, even if the device is unrecoverable.

Application distribution and updates:

MDM solutions simplify application distribution and updates. Organizations can ensure that employees have access to necessary corporate applications and receive timely updates with the latest security concerns.

Compliance and reporting:

With integrated reporting and compliance features, Applivery’s MDM solution helps organizations effectively monitor and enforce security policies. This ensures adherence to industry regulations and internal security standards.

How to take advantage of BYOD security

  • Device Enrollment: First, enroll your employees’ personal devices in the MDM system so that IT administrators can manage and secure them for work. The type of device (cell phones, laptops or tablets or even other devices) or whether there are multiple devices does not matter with Applivery.
  • Policy Management: Administrators can then set security policies, such as password requirements and device encryption, to ensure that devices comply with corporate security standards.
  • Security Management: Allows monitoring and managing device security, applying security patches and tracking device location and applications to prevent security breaches.
  • Application Management: Administrators can control which applications are installed on devices, ensuring that only those needed for work are available and data security is maintained.
  • Data Separation: Provides a way to separate work and personal data on devices, keeping company data secure and separate from the employee’s personal data, that way you ensure that you skip unnecessary risks.
device management MDM overview

Recommended Tools and BYOD Platforms

Tools such as Applivery provide a comprehensive solution for managing smartphones applications and devices, facilitating the secure practices, deployment and administration of the BYOD environment.
It is essential to combine solid policies, security tools and user education to mitigate the risks associated with BYOD. It is therefore recommended to seek professional advice and specialized solutions such as those offered by Applivery to ensure BYOD security in the company and maintain a secure and productive BYOD environment.

To finish…

If you have questions about BYOD or you want to learn more about Applivery, request now a demo of Applivery’s MDM BYOD solution.

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