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April 11, 2024

Applivery unifies device management with Windows support

Applivery unifies device management with Windows support

Madrid, Spain; April 10, 2024

Applivery, the pioneering SaaS Unified Device Management (UEM) platform, announces a major upgrade that enables IT administrators to centrally manage Android, Apple and now Windows devices. This new version of its MDM (Mobile Device Management) solution provides companies with total and efficient control over all their corporate devices, ensuring the security of the digital ecosystem.

Complete management regardless of operating system

In an increasingly heterogeneous work environment, where companies use a variety of operating systems, traditional MDM tools have proven inflexible. Applivery removes this barrier by offering a single platform to manage Windows 10 and 11 devices (desktop, laptops, tablets, etc.), along with Android and iOS devices.

Benefits for companies

Simplification of management

Eases Windows device management for IT administrators, even without advanced technical knowledge

Increased security

Protects corporate devices and data with integrated security features such as BitLocker disk encryption.

Simplification of management

Automates repetitive tasks and reduces administration time. Improved employee experience: Streamlines onboarding processes and technology adoption.
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Addressing hybrid workplace safety challenges

The integration of Windows into Applivery comes at a crucial time for enterprise security. According to Statcounter data (November 2023), Windows is still the leading operating system in the enterprise environment (76.26%), but the rise of hybrid work and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) present new challenges.

  • Microsoft’s report on hybrid workplace security reveals that 70% of IT managers have experienced an increase in security threats since adopting this model.
  • Data security on personal devices is a concern for businesses, with 64% of IT leaders expressing concern, due to the high cost of data breaches ($4.35 million in 2023 according to the Ponemon Institute study).

Unified management as an answer

Applivery is positioned as the definitive MDM solution to protect data and security of Windows devices in enterprises.

We want to ensure that Applivery is the ultimate MDM solution that offers end-to-end support,” says César Trigo, CEO of Applivery. “Our goal is to offer easy-to-use tools that transform the management of corporate devices, improving the security of organizations through a user-friendly experience for IT administrators and for employees themselves. Thanks to this new update, unified management that also includes Windows operating systems is now possible.”

About Applivery

Applivery is the innovative unified device management platform (concept known as UEM, Unified Endpoint Management) whose mission is to offer more efficient ways to manage corporate devices. Its easy-to-use, cloud-based solution ensures the security of organizations’ digital ecosystem, reduces the effort of IT departments and improves employee experience.

More information at www.applivery.com or at [email protected]

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