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A brand new dashboard is about to come

We are about to launch a brand new dashboard that will also come with many new features and improvements

After many months of working in close collaboration with our customers to capture their feedback and experience  with Applivery, we are excited to announce that a brand new dashboard is about to come to Applivery!

This new dashboard will provide a better UI in aligned with our new branding, as well as a better user experience overall.

Beside others, we would like to highlight the following functionalities that have been fully rebuild from scratch to focus on a sublime user experience:

  • New analytics dashboard 
  • Redesigned view for devices and policies (including drafts and changes review 🎉)
  • Geolocation tracking (in beta for Android) 
  • Full support for Apple Business
  • Manager and Apple DEP & Apple VPP.
  • Redesigned view for Apps, Builds and Reports
  • Redesigned view for users management
  • “Workspaces” will replace “Organizations”
  • New filtering and sorting features in all list views
  • Centralized search feature across Apps, Builds and Devices
  • and much more…

We hope that this new dashboard will help our users to be more productive and efficient in their work.

We are putting the finishing touches on it and we hope to launch during June this year so stay tuned! And of course, here are some screenshots as a teaser.

Hope you like it!

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