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Product Feature

Product Update February 2021

The last few months have been tremendously productive – maybe global lockdown has something to do with it – and thanks to the hard work we have done you will have found a lot of new features that are available or will be available in the coming weeks.

Product Feature

Applivery MDM

After many months 📅 of close collaboration with Google Enterprise, hundreds of hours of work and research 🕑 and a few thousand coffees ☕, we are proud to announce the launch of our new product, an step forward for our company: Applivery MDM.

Bitrise Verified Steps Product Feature

Bitrise Verified Steps

Are you looking for a simple way to automate your development cycle? If so, probably Bitrise.io is the solution you need.

Product Update

Q1 2020 Product Updates

Despite the terrible global health crisis that we have been and we are still facing over the last few weeks and months, the first quarter of the year has been very productive, bringing great news and many updates that we do not want to stop sharing with you.

Product Update

A summer in review

A few months ago we announced the launching of our biggest release ever, Applivery 3.0. Since that date we have not stopped working on adding new improvements and functionalities to the platform

Product Update

Applivery 3.0: A new beginning

Applivery 3.0 represents the culmination of more than two years of work transforming Applivery into a powerful Mobile App Management (MAM) and Distribution platform for both Enterprises and Developers.