March 26, 2024

Announcing device management optimizations

Announcing device management optimizations
Hello to all technology lovers! In this article, we will explore the exciting improvements that Applivery has implemented this month, bringing mobile device management to a new level. From optimizations in device management to control over app distribution. Let ‘s go deep!

We bring optimizations in device management!

We’re thrilled to share some news as we’ve made improvements to make your experience even better:

Policy assignment preview:

Admins will now find a concise summary when assigning policies to devices, as we included an overview of configurations, installed apps, available books, and any other policy specifics, making it easier to distinguish between policies and manage them effectively.
Policy assignment preview

Extended employee features:

Admins can now add tags and specify preferred languages for employees. Tags facilitate streamlined grouping, while language settings ensure clear communication and seamless integration with multilingual teams.
Extended employee features

Android Agent Network Signal Reporting:

We’ve introduced Network Signal Reporting in our Android agent. By enabling this feature, organizations provide explicit consent for anonymized data collection on network signals. This data will drive aggregated reports, offering insights into network performance by carrier.
Android Agent Network Signal Reporting

Support allowed Countries and blocked Countries to publications

Our country selection feature is now available to all users. It’s time to take control of app publication like never before! Determine which countries can or cannot access specific app publications.

We tell you about the key benefits of this new feature:

  • Enhanced security: Ensure compliance by restricting app access to approved countries.
  • Targeted distribution: Customize app availability based on market demands or strategic goals.

How to use:

  1. Access control: Simply navigate to the app publication side menu.
  2. Choose countries: Select the countries where you want to allow or block app publication.
  3. Save changes: Save your selections, and your access control will be set!
Support allowed Countries and blocked Countries to publications

New macOS agent appBlockList

With the Block List feature, you can now add macOS applications to a dedicated list, allowing you to uninstall or block them from running on your managed devices.

When managing applications with the Block List, you have two primary actions at your disposal:

Block: Prevents applications from running on managed devices.
Uninstall: Permanently removes applications from managed devices.

⚠️ Please note that system apps cannot be added to this list to ensure the system’s stability and functionality.

New macOS agent appBlockList

In conclusion Applivery’s March update streamlines mobile device management with improved policy management, employee grouping, and network insights. Additionally, gain granular control over app distribution and secure your macOS devices.

Elevate your technology experience today, adopt the latest features, and secure your privacy in every corner of the vast digital network.

Don’t get left behind, step into the future with Applivery!

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