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April 1, 2024

Improving the onboarding process with Applivery

Improving the onboarding process with Applivery
Efficient onboarding of new employees is crucial, and for that, Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions are necessary, transforming the onboarding experience for these companies. We’ll explore how these tools have improved IT team productivity, operational efficiency, and regulatory compliance, providing tangible benefits. Now, the onboarding process can be streamlined, allowing companies to focus on delivering excellent service to their clients.
Improve the onboarding process

What is needed for effective onboarding?

Companies, due to the significant increase in remote work, face significant challenges in team management. One of the main challenges lies in the geographically dispersed nature of their teams, which can hinder cohesion and effective communication among team members.

Additionally, these companies must comply with a series of security standards and ISO certifications to ensure the protection of their clients’ confidential data and maintain the integrity of their operations. The challenge lies in implementing and maintaining effective security practices in a dispersed work environment, where devices and data may be subject to multiple risks and threats.

Therefore, the key challenge is to find a comprehensive solution that allows for effective management of their team’s devices, ensures data security, and complies with security standards and certifications, all while maintaining productivity and operational efficiency.

What a MDM tool brings to the onboarding process

The Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution, integrated with platforms such as Apple DEP and Android Zero Touch, addresses the identified challenges and automates the onboarding process, providing pre-configured and pre-enrolled devices through functionalities like Default Assignment and Smart Enrollments. This allows for cost savings in logistics and IT personnel, as devices can go directly from the vendor to the employee.
Onboarding process with Applivery

Applivery simplifies configuration with predefined policies and offers remote control for maintenance tasks and security updates. It provides a comprehensive tool for managing teams across different geographies, simplifying device configuration, and ensuring data security, all while maintaining productivity and operational efficiency.

Onboarding process with Applivery

Benefits of Implementing MDM

The implementation of these solutions has proven to be highly beneficial, providing higher satisfaction rates for new employees.

Efficient Onboarding

Automation of the onboarding process allows for faster and smoother onboarding of new employees, enabling them to contribute to the team productively from day one.

Regulatory Compliance

Applivery’s solution ensures compliance with security standards and ISO certifications, providing a secure work environment and protecting the company’s and clients’ confidential data.

Simplification of Device Management

Applivery’s centralized platform simplifies the management of dispersed devices, allowing IT teams to apply security policies and perform updates efficiently across all macOS devices in the company.

How does Applivery improve the onboarding process?

Applivery has become a tool that significantly improves employee productivity and onboarding experience. We invite you to try our solution to optimize device management, whether to simplify the onboarding of new employees, ensure regulatory compliance, or improve operational efficiency. We encourage you to learn more about how Applivery can benefit your company and take the step towards more effective mobile device management and successful digital transformation.

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