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Q1 2020 Product Updates

Despite the terrible global health crisis that we have been and we are still facing over the last few weeks and months, the first quarter of the year has been very productive, bringing great news and many updates that we do not want to stop sharing with you.

Android App Bundle support

After a long wait, we can finally announce the support to Android App Bundle. From now on you can upload your Android App Bundles (.aab files) to Applivery in the same way that you used to do with APKs.

Applivery takes advantage of the Android App Bundle features to generate Universal APKs that include all the information needed to install your Android applications on any device in the world supported by your App, independently of the hardware

Read more about how to configure AAB in your projects here.

Slack integration

One of our most demanded integrations is available again with much more power than before.

From now on you can receive Slack notifications of the main Applivery events (and some additional ones are coming):

  • New build uploaded
  • New build processed
  • New feedback or bug report

You can also configure them at a general level in your organization or individually, app by app. Read more here.

Custom webhooks

Another highly requested feature is finally available. From now, you can configure your own custom webhooks based on the same events available for Slack. Full documentation is available here.

Storage Region Selection (beta)

Although still in beta, we introduce a new functionality that will allow you to select the storage and delivery region of the versions of each App, allowing you to have better control over your data and speed up the download and installation times.

This will allow you to have better control over the data of your projects but also speed up the downloads and installation of applications around the world.

We already have 7 out of the 15 regions spread around the world that will be available during April. Discover them all here!

If you are interested into participating in the beta program, contact us at [email protected].

Other minor releases

In addition there have been several new features we have been working on and releasing in the last weeks:

  • Organizations API: enterprise customers can now have full access to the Organizations APi that provide full control over their accounts and settings. Read more.
  • Service accounts: along with the Organizations APi we have released the services accounts that will help authenticate non-human users against the Organization API. Read more.
  • Azure DevOps and Azure Pipelines: we have released a new tutorial explaining how to integrate Applivery in your Azure Pipelines project. Read more.
  • Fastlane & Bitrise plugins have been updated to fully support Android App Bundle.
  • Other minor improvements:
    • Collapsible changelogs
    • Apps & Builds advanced filtering and unified search
    • Distribution Sites grouping by App in App Store

What’s coming next?

Despite the COVID-19 circumstances, our team does not stop working on adding new awesome features that will be available in the coming weeks and months. Among them we would like to highlight the following:

  • We will jump into a new dimension and launch a new product, Applivery MDM. As a first step, we will fully support Android through our collaboration with Google and the Android Enterprise Recommended program for EMM’s (Android Enterprise Mobility Management). Support for Apple Enterprise Management will come later this year.
  • New Guest user role with read-only access to the dashboard.
  • Dashboard usability improvements: pinned apps and saved searches and filters.
  • Google Authentication support in the App Store.
  • Email preferences management at both Organization & App level.
  • Applivery SDK support for Swift Package Manager (SPM).
  • Emails with custom branding.
  • Apple certificates expiration notifications.

These are just some examples of the different functionalities that we are already working on. You can discover much more on our public roadmap. Also please feel free to post your own Feature Requests in GitHub.

We hope you enjoy the new features. As always we are at your disposal at [email protected].

Hope you all are well and safe!

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