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Azure DevOps and Azure Pipelines integration

If you usually use Fastlane tools to automate the most common development tasks now you can start using our Fastlane Plugin to easily deploy new iOS and Android versions of your Apps to Applivery from your Azure DevOps and Azure Pipelines projects.

Some of the main features you’ll get after start using Fastlane along with Applivery are:

  • Forget about uploading versions and automate the deployment process
  • Get more context about your builds attaching and displaying the most relevant information: Direct link to the repository, commit hash, Branch, Tag, etc…
  • Use Fastlane lanes to create your own build & deploy workflows

Do you want to start using Fastlane with Applivery? First of all, you need to install Fastlane in your system in case you don’t have it yet. To do so, please follow this simple guide.

Step 1 - Configuration

Under your azure-pipelines.yml file, configure a new script as follow:

- script: fastlane dev_deploy applivery_token:

This simple step will invoke fastlane dev_deploy lane.

Step 2 - Define your Fastfile

Now define your Fastfile following the Applivery Fastlane plugin documentation. Here is an example that will also get some environment variables from your Azure configuration.

desc "Deploy a DEV ipa to Applivery"
 lane :dev_deploy do |options|
     build_number: number_of_commits
     scheme: "myproject-DEV",
     export_method: "enterprise"
     app_token: options[:applivery_token],
     notify_collaborators: false,
     changelog: last_git_commit[:message]

That’s it! Now you can start building and deploying your Apps like a pro with Azure DevOps and Azure Pipelines.

Extra ball - Managing environment and secret variables in Azure

We always recommend to not include your Applivery App Token directly into the azure-pipelines.yml file. Insted we recommend using the Azure Variables:

Once defined, you will be able to access the defined variables as follow: $(applivery_token)