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Applivery provides support for the integration of multiple Single Sign-On providers so that you and your users can log in using their corporate credentials, simplifying user authentication and management.

You can easily configure the following SSO methods:

  • Google Authentication (enabled by default in all organizations)
  • LDAP
  • SAML
  • Google Workspace

Below you will discover the different configuration requirements to enable your SSO provider in Applivery.


Use SAML 2.0 to integrate with Azure AD, Okta, and many other platforms.

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Connect your LDAP server with Applivery and start managing your users better.

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Google Workspace #

Integrate with Google Workspace to provision devices

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Using SSO user data in forms #

When integrating any Single Sign-On provider in Applivery, we will be able to retrieve from the Identity Provider directory some of the user data fields as variables so that you can use them to automatically fill out some fields, for instance, for automatic local account creation in Apple Device Management for MacOS.

Below you can see the entire list of fields that will be accessible:

  • {{sso.firstname}} User’s first name
  • {{sso.lastname}} User’s last name
  • {{sso.username}} User’s username
  • {{}} User’s full email address
  • {{}} User’s email address username

Note that you can combine the tags above to create complex structures such as the following one:
{{sso.firstname}}.{{sso.lastname}} will be automatically translated to daniel.garcia if {{sso.firstname}} contains the value daniel and {{sso.lastname}} contains the value garcia.

Updated on February 20, 2024
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