Disable lost mode on devices without internet connection

Sometimes when enabling lost mode in a device, it can loose the internet connection, making it unreachable from Applivery and, therefore, it is not possible to disable the lost mode in any way.

The most common use case is when an Apple device is in lost mode and it runs out of battery and turns off. Once it is turned on again, the device has lost the internet connection, therefore it is not possible to send the ‘Disable lost mode’ command (or any command in general) through Applivery, because when the connection is lost, there is no communication between both parties.

It is also not possible to connect it to a Wi-Fi network in any way (neither through USB connecting it to the computer, nor sharing data from another device…) since the screen will be locked-down in lost mode.

However there’s a hatch and below you can find two potential solutions:

  • First option is using a SIM card to which the PIN has been previously deactivated and with active data network. Insert it into the device and it will automatically connect to the internet and will receive all pending commands, including the “disable lost mode” one.
  • A second option could be using a Lightning to RJ45 adapter so that you can use an existing wired internet network to achieve the same goal. 
Updated on March 6, 2024
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