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How to invite your team

How to invite your team

Now you have your first app created and your first build uploaded, it’s time to invite some teammates to collaborate in your project.

Applivery uses email addresses to handle invitations so you have to know the email address of the users you want to invite in advance.

Type of users #

As described into the Main concepts article, there are two types of users you can invite:

  • Collaborators: users that will have administrative permissions over your projects (Apps). They have full or limited access to the Dashboard based on their role: Owner, Admin or Developer.
  • Employees: represent each end-user that will have access to you Apps. You will be able to customize Employee permissions both on App and Workspace levels.

Scope #

Additionally to the type of user, you might consider the scope of each user you invite to your account because depending on that, they will have different permissions:

  • Workspace level users: have global permissions over the total Apps of your Workspace.
  • App level users: have permissions only over the specific App where the user belongs to.

Inviting new users #

Now that we have more clarity over the main concepts, let’s invite someone into our Workspace or App. Simply go to the People section of your Workspace (Workspace > People) or App (App > People). 

Last, click the + Add user button:

Then fill out the form:

  1. Enter the user email address
  2. Select the scope. In the case of selecting an App, you will have to also select which application do you want to add that user to.
  3. Select the role based on the table below:
Role Description
Admin Manages only Developers
Administrative permissions over Apps or Workspace
Full access to all resources except Billing
Developer Upload of builds
Basic administrative permissions
Read-only access to: Distribution, Settings
No access to: Billing
Viewer Read-only permissions for all resources
No access to: Billing, People, Settings
Employee Just access to your App Store
No access to: The Dashboard

Read more about Roles and Permissions in the Advanced configuration section.

Invitation flow #

When you invite someone to join your Workspace or Apps (either a Collaborator or Employee), the user will receive an either an email invitation or an email notification. Below you will find the two different scenarios that can take place:

Collaborators #

When inviting new collaborators to your project (Apps), there are two possibilities may happen:

New user:

  1. The user will receive an email notification requesting to sign up in Applivery. The registration process will already pre-fill the email address of the user.
  2. Right after, the user will receive a second email notification to validate the email address.
  3. The user will be redirected to the login page where will have to enter the email and password chosen during the previous step.
  4. Last, the user will be redirected into the dashboard to start collaborating into your project. Note that he/she might have to select your Workspace from the left side menu in order to find the App where he/she has been invited to.

Existing user: your teammate will receive an email notification including a link to the dashboard to access the App. He/she might need to perform a login before accessing the App.


Employees #

New employees will be directly leaded to your App Store following the below flow: