Android Zero-touch Enrollment

Android Zero-touch Enrollment or Android Zero-touch Provisioning (ZTP) is a device enrollment method provided by Google that streamlines the enrollment and easy deployment of organization-owned Android devices in bulk. 

Advantages of Zero-touch #

  • One time setup.
  • Aids large-scale enterprise device rollout.
  • Allows resellers to add devices to the portal, easing the enrollment process.
  • Admins can set up the device with necessary apps and profiles and it gets applied automatically on device activation.

Pre-requisites for Zero-touch #

  • Android Zero-touch Enrollment is supported for devices running Android 9.0 or later, purchased from specified reseller partners.
  • You need a Zero-touch portal account which can be obtained by contacting your reseller.

A Google account (associated with your corporate e-mail) is required to setup the Android Zero-touch Portal.

Integrate Applivery with Zero-touch #

Once in the Applivery dashboard, head to Device Management > Configuration and select the Android Zero-Touch (1) section.

You will need to link your Zero-touch to Applivery and follow the on-screen steps.

Once the integration has been successfully completed, you just need to click on View devices in the zero-touch portal (2).

A new window will open in your browser, where you will find the Configurations (3) section.

You can add a new configuration by simply clicking the + (4) icon placed on the right side of the screen.


At this stage, you need to provide a name for the configuration and fill in the required fields.

Pay close attention when selecting Android Device Policy in the corresponding DPC field.

Additionally, you can learn how to obtain the JSON for the DPC extras field here.

The last step in the portal is to associate the created configuration with the devices.To do that, just select the configuration, which is to be automatically applied to the added devices and click the Apply button.

Obtain the JSON for the DCP extras field #

Once in the Applivery dashboard, navigate to Device Management > Configuration and select the Android Smart enrollments section (5).

Then, click on the vertical dots (6) located at the end of the smart enrollment you wish to configure within the Zero-touch portal and select Zero-Touch (7).


A modal view will appear, allowing you to input additional configurations and copy (8) the necessary JSON for the DPC extras.

Updated on June 3, 2024
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