How to enroll an Apple Device

Once you have your Apple Device Management account configured, you can start enrolling your Apple devices in Applivery. Let’s take a look at it.

Enrollment options #

Apple provides multiple ways to enroll devices depending on your use case and the Apple device you are enrolling. The most frequent are:

In this article we will focus on the User enrollment and Manual enrollment processes since they are the most common ones:

Enrollment method Support Procedure Supports enabling Supervision mode? Supports Unremovable MDM Enrollment?
Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP) All Devices Devices are automatically enrolled during the initial startup and setup process.
Apple Configurator for MacOS iPhone, iPad, Apple TV New device is connected to an Apple Device with macOS vía USB. Only available for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV.
Apple Configurator for iPhone Mac New device is connected to an iPhone running Apple Configurator App for iPhone. Only available for MacOS devices enabled with T2 Security Chip or Apple Silicon devices ✅ for Mac
Enroll by link iPhone, iPad, Mac Link is shared vía email, SMS or in a QR format. The new device opens the link in Safari. ✅ for Mac
User enrollment iPhone, iPad, Mac Link is sent to the new device. Link is opened in Safari and requests authentication with a managed Apple ID.

Management methods #

There are two management methods available in Apple:

  • Supervised devices
  • Non-supervised devices

Supervision was introduced by Apple in iOS 5. It provides a special management mode that gives an administrator more control over the device. It’s intended for company-owned devices. iOS supervised mode is also supported by iPadOS and tvOS.

We recommend reading more about how supervision can be activated in Apple devices.

Updated on June 3, 2024
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