Internet connection loss on kiosk mode devices

Maintaining a consistent internet connection is essential for the seamless operation of kiosk mode devices. However, there are situations where these devices experience a loss of internet connectivity.

This is the main reason why we highly recommend enabling the “Network Escape Hatch” property to address this concern when configuring device policies. 

This feature can be enabled to ensure the uninterrupted operation of devices in kiosk mode. When booting up, if a network connection cannot be established, the escape hatch prompts the user to temporarily connect to a network to refresh the device policy. Once the policy has been applied, the temporary network information is forgotten, and the device continues to boot up. This prevents situations where the device is unable to connect to a network due to the absence of a suitable network in the last policy. It also safeguards against scenarios where the device boots into an app in lock task mode, or the user is unable to access the device settings.

To learn more about configuring kiosk mode features, we recommend checking out our Android kiosk mode article.

You can also explore various examples of kiosk mode policy configurations here.

Updated on March 6, 2024
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