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You are viewing the Apps API whose scope is limited to Apps. If you are looking for the full API spec, check the Organizations API .
The Upload Build request endpoint is intended to upload a new Build (.ipa or .apk or .aab binary files) to Applivery.

Definition #

  • Method: POST
  • URL:
  • Authentication: required
  • Headers:

Authorization: bearer <your_app_token>

Params #

Param Type Description
build File .ipa or .apk or .aab binary file
versionName String Human readable version name for this build. E.g.: RC-1
tags Array Comma separated tags. E.g.: tag1, tag2, tag3
changelog String Build release notes or log of changes E.g.: Bug fixing!.
notifyCollaborators Boolean Notify App and Organization collaborators. E.g.: true
notifyEmployees Boolean Notify App and Organization employees. E.g.: true
filter Nested array of strings List of groups that will be notified with support for AND / OR clauses. Each element within the same array will be considered as AND while each array will be an OR clause. E.g.: To notify users in group1 AND group2 OR in group3 use: [["group1", "group2"],["group3"]].
notifyMessage String Notification message to send in the email. E.g.: Enjoy the App!.
notifyLanguage String "es" "en" "fr" "ge" "it" "zh" "pt" "ru" String Custom deployer display name. E.g.: Jenkins CI String Git commit message. E.g.: Fixed issue #123 String Git commit. E.g.: f52ace0 String Git branch. E.g.:develop String Git tag. E.g.: RC-1 String CI trigger date/time. E.g.: 1558359012580</code String CI build URL. E.g.: https://... String CI platform URL. E.g.: https://... String Version control repository URL. E.g.: https://... String CI platform build number. E.g.: 73

Example request #

					curl '' \
  -X POST \
  -H 'Authorization: bearer' \
  -F build=@'file.ipa' \
  -F 'versionName=My awesome app version' \
  -F 'tags=tag1, tag2, tag3' \
  -F 'changelog=Bug fixing' \
  -F notifyCollaborators=false \
  -F notifyEmployees=false \
  -F 'notifyMessage=Enjoy the App' \
  -F 'notifyLanguage=en' \
  -F 'filter[0][]=group1' \
  -F 'filter[0][]=group2' \
  -F 'filter[1][]=group3' \
  -F ' CI PLatform' \
  -F ' issue 123' \
  -F '' \
  -F '' \
  -F '' \
  -F '' \
  -F '' \
  -F '' \
  -F '' \
  -F ''

Responses #

Content type: application/json
Updated on June 3, 2024
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