Build processing codes

Below is a list of some possible error codes that can be returned, along with suggestions for next steps to take to try and successfully deploy your Apps.

Code Description Next steps
IOS_INVALID_PACKAGE The package contained in the .ipa file is not valid Make sure your App has been build and signed properly and that the contained .app package is not corrupted.
ANDROID_MANIFEST_NOT_FOUND The Android manifest file manifest.xml is not found and therefore the build can not be processed. Make sure your App contains a valid manifest.xml file
EMBEDDED_MOBILEPROVISION_NOT_FOUND The Embedded Mobile Provisioning Profile is not found and therefore the build can not be processed. Make sure your App contains a valid Provisioning Profile file
ANDROID_AAB_NO_KEY_FOUND_FOR_ALIAS_IN_KEYSTORE Missing Android App Bundle password for the signing key. Configure AAB Key under the Android App Bundle Settings of your project. Read more.
ANDROID_AAB_INCORRECT_KEYSTOTE_PASSWORD Incorrect Keystore password Make sure the provided Keystore password is correct. Read more.
ANDROID_AAB_INCORRECT_KEY_PASSWORD Incorrect password for the signing key Make sure the provided password for the signing Key is correct. Read more.
ANDROID_FAILED_PARSE_BINARY_ANDROID_MANIFEST Invalid Android Manifest XML File The provided APK contains an invalid (not binary) XML file that can not be processed. Please check the building process of your APK to make sure it has been properly built.
ANDROID_AAB_CONFIGURATION_NOT_FOUND Missing Android App Bundle Configuration There is an invalid or missing Android App Bungle configuration. Go to your App > Settings > Android App Bundle section and review or add a valid AAB configuration.
Updated on April 10, 2023
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