How to create your first app

Applivery is about Apps and Devices. Apps represent one of the most important elements in Applivery. You can manage them on your own which means that you can for instance:

  • Create a separate App for each different project
  • Create more than one App for the same project to better manage different versions of the same App or team-level segregation.
  • Create an App for each different environment you might have to better differentiate between Development, Staging, Quality, or Production Apps.

Inside the Apps you’ll find everything related to them: builds, analytics, user permissions, version management, and distribution options.

Let’s start creating a new App.

Step 1 - Go to App Distribution #

First, go to the App Distribution section using the top menu.


Step 2 - Go to the Apps section #

Click the + Create App  button.


Step 3 - Choose App name #

Choose an easy to identify App name and click Save.
Updated on February 9, 2024
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