SDK Users

Applivery SDK provides the possibility of binding your App users with Applivery so that you can get insights about who installs your Apps and how they use them.

Additionally, Applivery will also create temporal users for every new device that starts using an app that implements the Applivery SDK.


Note that SDK users and Temporal SDK users are considered employees and will count against your Employees' limit. You can read more about user management here.

Types of users #

As mentioned above, there are two types of SDK users depending on the origin from which the record was created:

Origin Creation Duration Format Description
SDK Programmatically Permanent Defined by you [email protected] Named employees (with at leas a known email address) that have been programatically created using the bindUser() method of the Applivery SDK
SDK Temporal Automatically 30 days from last seen * Device ID:
Unknown users automatically created by the Applivery SDK to identify the device. They are unique across your workspace based on the device id and expire after 30 days on inactivity within your Apps.

* Last seen = last time a user opened an app from your organization

Updated on February 19, 2024
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