June 15, 2019

Applivery 3.0: A new beginning

Applivery 3.0: A new beginning

A look at the past 🕰

We launched the first version of Applivery more than 2 years ago as an internal solution to our own needs: deliver iOS and Android Apps to our customers and make it easy for them follow up the development processes of their new Apps before releasing them to production.

“The easiest the better” has been our motto during this time and thanks to this approach we have created a solution that is easy to understand, to implement and to use by our customers and their end users (employees, collaborators or even their own customers).

But due to the growth of users we have had in these years and thanks to the continuous feedback we have received, we decided to approach our future in two development ways. The first would be responsible for continuing to deliver incremental value to the product and satisfying the most immediate needs of our customers while the second would be responsible for taking the next big step towards a more robust platform, capable of offering a whole new variety of services to our customers. And that moment has finally arrived.

The best Applivery yet ⚡️

Not only is Applivery 3 the most accessible and future-proof version of Applivery we’ve ever built, but it’s also the fastest and most complete.

Brand new Dashboard 🖥️

Applivery 3.0: A new beginning

Our dashboard is the main tool of Applivery and in which our users spend more hours. We have worked on simplifying and cleaning it to streamline the most common tasks and processes but also make room for all the new features that we describe below.

The new dashboard will be available under a new URL: https://dashboard.applivery.io until we shutdown the previous version by the end of this year.

Revamped App Stores 📱

With this new release, we introduce the new concept of Public or Private App Stores. A Web-based solution that will allow you to publish your Apps under the same URL (you.applivery.com or your own domain name) with the appearance of a fully native App Store, customizable at all levels.

You can also give access to your users through Single Sign On (SSO) systems such as LDAP, Active Directory, Azure AD or any other SAML based solution. You will be able to manage groups and permissions at both App Store and App levels, allowing you to also generate hidden (unlisted) and password protected Apps.

And of course, you can still create as many Distribution Sites as you need to distribute specific versions of an application.

Each Organization will have a single Public or Private App Store with a reserved subdomain or domain name with full SSL support.

Faster than ever ⚡️

At least 2.5x faster App Installations than before and support to parallel build uploads. All this thanks to the technical improvements we’ve been doing both from infrastructure and development perspectives.

New public API and SDKs 📖

new set of Public APIs and improved SDKs that bring additional features such as User Binding to link your authenticated users into Applivery transparently for the end user.

With this new release we are also improving the SDK and API authentication against your account by introducing App Tokens.

Improved users management + SSO support 👫

As requested by many users, we are introducing two new concepts in Applivery: Collaborators (users that will have administrative permissions over your Apps) and Employees (representing each end-user that will have access to you Apps).

Additionally, you will also discover “Organizations”, a new layer of governance over your Apps. Billing has been moved to the organizations as well for a more intuitive management.

Last but not least, we now support the integration of Enterprise Single Sign On solutions such as Google, LDAP, Active Directory, Azure AD or any other SAML based solution.

Advanced analytics and insights into adoption 📈

As part of our evolution to a Mobile App Management system, it was important to focus on the analytics area and therefore we now offer much more information about the latest Apps downloaded by your end-users, latest openings, active users and much more. In addition, if you use the Applivery SDK, you will be able to identify your users in a simple and transparent way.

New pricing for every use case

With the aim of covering all the use cases we have been learning about during these years, we have introduced differentiated pricing plans according to the size of your projects and your organization. Now we have Personal Plans and Organization Plans.

And of course, as always, you can continue enjoying Applivery for Free under the Basic plan.

Thank you ❤️

Before we leave, we want to extend a huge “thank you!” to the entire Applivery community. We’ve been teasing Applivery 3 for a while now, and in an ecosystem filled with change and uncertainty, we are grateful to have had your trust and patience throughout the entire process.

Last but not least, we want to thank the wonderful contributors that have stepped up to help Applivery, whether that was by submitting PRs, helping test new releases, or sharing valuable feedback. None of this would be possible without your help.

Getting Started and Migrating

Applivery 2 and Applivery 3 will coexist until the end of the year, until we shut down Applivery 2 permanently in December (you can check the detailed timeline here). In the meantime, all users must migrate their accounts to the new Dashboard before that date and we will be assisting you in the process.

Getting started with Applivery 3 is easy. Follow the Getting Started Guide, or create a new project directly into the new Dashboard. Note that the new SDKs have been released on GitHub and you can read more about them here.

We have Advisory Services available for teams that need assistance. Plus, we’ve also published a Migration Guide for self-directed migrations.

And if you have any questions or concerns, please do contact us at [email protected] and we will happy to help you.

Thank you again for trusting us!
We really hope you enjoy the new Applivery as much as we do!

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