Econocom customer story

How Applivery helps Econocom P&S optimize the onboarding and macOS management

This case study highlights how the implementation of Applivery's Mobile Device Management (MDM for Apple) solution has helped Econocom Products & Solutions, a recognized ...


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Econocom customer story

Econocom P&S

Econocom Products & Solutions is the digital transformation support unit of the Econocom group, a French multinational dedicated to IT consulting services. Econocom P&S is characterized by helping organizations in their modernization processes through the implementation of technology products, process optimization with digital solutions and access to transformation through a flexible business model.


In this case study, we delve into the transformative impact of Applivery’s Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution at Econocom Products & Solutions, supporting their digital transformation endeavors. In partnership with Econocom Products & Solutions, Applivery played a key role in optimizing its onboarding process and managing geographically spread macOS devices.

This case study showcases how Applivery’s innovative approach streamlined operations, enhanced security, and significantly boosted productivity for Econocom Products & Solutions, illustrating the power of Unified Device Management in a dynamic and tech-centric environment.

About Econocom P&S

Econocom Products & Solutions, the digital transformation support unit of the multinational French group Econocom, specializes in guiding organizations through modernization processes. Leveraging technological products and digital solutions, Econocom P&S facilitates access to transformation through a flexible business model.


As a technology and product development company, Econocom Products & Solutions manages dispersed development teams relying on MacBook computers and iOS/Android devices. The challenge lay in efficiently onboarding new team members across multiple territories. 

The goal was to automate equipment delivery, simplify configuration through role-based policies, provide remote assistance for issue resolution, and ensure compliance with strict security standards mandated by ISO 9001, 14001, 27001, and SOC-2 Type 2 certifications.


The implementation of Applivery as a Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) solution, integrated with Apple Business Manager, Azure Active Directory, and Google Workspace, addressed these challenges. 

The onboarding process became contactless, with new employees receiving pre-enrolled MacBook and mobile devices. Upon unboxing, employees followed on-screen instructions to connect to Wi-Fi and input corporate credentials. Applivery then took control, applying configurations, applications, and security settings tailored to each user. 

The solution also streamlined offboarding with remote device wiping and reassignment, all without IT intervention. Additionally, Applivery facilitated OS updates, device control, and remote locking or wiping for security purposes.

Results and benefits

The outcomes were significant:

Efficient Onboarding

Applivery significantly streamlined the onboarding process, eliminating the need for IT intervention and resulting in substantial time savings.

Regulatory Compliance

Applivery played a crucial role in meeting regulatory requirements, contributing to the maintenance of ISO certifications vital for Econocom's service provision.

Smart Enrollments

Thanks to smart enrollment, it is now possible to deliver equipment without the need to pre-assign it, as the equipment is associated with the employee during enrollment. In addition, each employee can have a different configuration automatically applied during equipment setup, reducing onboarding time to a few hours.


Applivery has become an indispensable tool in Econocom Products & Solutions’ IT operations. It substantially improves equipment productivity, while ensuring the security of both staff and project information. The unified device management solution provides greater control over the entire computing environment, spanning desktops and mobile devices, allowing employees to have a comprehensive set of tools at their disposal.

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