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LIN3S: Enhanced security and efficiency with Applivery

Thanks to the strategic partnership with Applivery, LIN3S ensures the protection of the company's devices and optimize the onboarding process of new employees, contributing to improve the operational efficiency of the organization.


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LIN3S, a business consulting firm with comprehensive vision and sector specialization, driving the growth of its clients through a team of more than 100 professionals.


With a fleet of more than 150 MacBook devices, the management of these devices at Lin3s has been a key step in improving the efficiency and security of customers’ and partners’ digital assets. Thanks to Applivery, Lin3s has strengthened its security and operational efficiency.

About LIN3S

LIN3S is an agency based in Bilbao, Spain, with a deep technical core and a professional and human team that works to achieve excellence for its clients and support them in their digital transformation processes.

With more than 500 projects behind it, LIN3S is positioned as one of the four certified Spanish agencies and Partner of all Google analytics and digital marketing solutions (Analytics, Tag Manager, Optimize, Data Studio, Adwords).

LIN3S' challenge

With a fleet of more than 150 MacBook devices, LIN3S was looking to strengthen the security of corporate data and the digital assets of customers and partners, while increasing their productivity. This required streamlining IT department processes and eliminating manual tasks by simplifying device management in a dynamic, collaborative environment.

Realizing the priority of protecting its data, LIN3S understood the importance of strengthening its security posture. This was not only limited to securing corporate devices and data, but also included protecting the digital assets of its customers and partners.

Applivery's key role

With an ever-growing workforce, simplifying the onboarding process for new employees was essential for LIN3S. Thanks to Applivery’s native integration with Google Workspace, this process became a seamless and automated task:
Devices are acquired pre-enrolled and pre-configured through an Apple Authorized Enterprise Reseller (Econocom P&S) and delivered directly to employees.

During the setup process, employees are guided through authentication and, through Smart Enrollments, corresponding policies are determined based on their identity, work team and intended use of the device.

Once the authentication and setup process is complete, Applivery Setup Assistant welcomes employees and guides them through the first steps on their new Mac.

The Applivery Agent deploys a private catalog of applications and runs scripts silently or on demand, depending on the user’s needs. It also allows access to bookmarks and internal corporate content, improving productivity and collaboration.

Applivery handles system updates, ensuring that LIN3S Apple devices are always kept up to date with the latest versions of macOS and security applications.
The Appliance Inventory Management tool provides the LIN3S IT team with a detailed and accurate inventory of their equipment. This level of control improves asset management and facilitates regulatory compliance, especially with regard to rigorous standards such as ISO 27001.

The Econocom Products & Solutions solution

As the only Apple Authorized Enterprise (AAER) Reseller in Spain, Econocom P&S equipped LIN3S with a fleet of latest generation Mac devices, including MacBook Pro with the new Apple Silicon chips. Thanks to the automation of the configuration process through Apple Business Manager and Applivery, these devices were ready to operate quickly, ensuring a powerful and productive process with a minimum of incidents.

Iñaki Garcia Echániz, CEO de Lin3s

"Applivery is a strategic partner that not only ensures the security of our devices , it also streamlines the onboarding process for new employees, boosting our operational efficiency."

Iñaki García Echániz



The collaboration between LIN3S, Applivery and Econocom P&S, not only strengthened security and operational efficiency, it also paved the way for excellence in the digital environment. With the right equipment and unmatched management of their Mac devices, the LIN3S team is more prepared than ever to provide the best service to their customers and face the challenges of the future with confidence.
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