Automatic local account creation

Automatic local account creation

When enrolling devices through Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP), as part of the Apple Business Manager integration, you can automate the local user account creation as part of the provisioning process. Below you can see how you can automate local accounts creation under the following use cases:

  • Pre-defined account configuration by the IT administrator
  • Pre-filled account creation based on Single Sign-On information
  • Automatic account creation based on Single Sign-On information

Configuring local accounts in DEP Enrollment Profiles

The first step is to crate a new enrollment profile. The last two steps of the creation form are reserved for user filtering and automatic account creation.

You can either select an existing book from the list of assets or upload a new one clicking Upload new asset button. Choose the asset that you want from the dropdown list and then click Add.

Using SSO user data in forms

When integrating any Single Sign-On provider in Applivery, we will be able to retrieve from the Identity Provider directory some of the user data fields as variables so that you can use them to automatically fill out some fields, for instance, for automatic local account creation in Apple Device Management for MacOS.Below you can see the entire list of fields that will be accesible:
  • {{sso.firstname}} User’s first name
  • {{sso.lastname}} User’s last name
  • {{sso.username}} User’s username
  • {{}} User’s full email address
  • {{}} User’s email address username
Note that you can combine the tags above to create complex structures such as the following one: {{sso.firstname}}.{{sso.lastname}} will be automatically translated to daniel.garcia if {{sso.firstname}} contains the value daniel and {{sso.lastname}} contains the value garcia.

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